Fusion Dance

Song Bird, Kldz Dance,, Turn it Up Dance

Gabrielle Fermin, Dupree Dance

Bojangles, Mary Skiba School of Dance

Zero to Hero, Dancin' J's Studio

Dream, The King's Dancers 

When I Ruled the World-Milford Dance

Bella Mills, Turn in Up

Jacequeline Vazquez Piles

Pip Gamble, Turn it Up Dance

Winter, Barbara Hatch School

That Jazz, Turn it Up

HEART OF GOLD Winners with Ambassador

Molly Barcalow - Edge Dance Competition, Woodbridge, VA



2017 Award Recipients

Eva Burg, Dupree Dance

 Rise Up, The Dance Experience 

I Get To Love You, Dance Fusion

Turn it Up

Olivia Bouis, Dupree Dance

Last Dance, Studio 180, Turn it Up Dance

          Participating Competitions 2017

Arts N'Motion Turn it Up

Lydia Foley, Edge  Dance

Ashley Baker, Turn it Up Dance 

Briana Fitzpatrick, Turn it Up Dance

Bottom of the River, Shearrer's

Lucy Carlos, Turn it Up Dance

Turn it Up

Patience Wigginton, Edge  Dance

Marissa Costa, Turn it Up Dance 

Grace Gallant, Turn it Up

Abigall Fulton, Dupree Dance

Congratulations to our

Heart of Gold Medal

2017 Recipients

Kara Burt, Dupree Dance

of Dance Turn it Up

Emily Hebert, Dupree Dance

Turn it Up

Kylie Voss, Dupree Dance

Real in Rio, Studio 180, Turn it Up Dance

 Next to You, McKeon Dance Center

Isabel Torok, Fusion Dance

Turn it Up

Turn it Up

HEART OF GOLD Winners with Ambassador

Grace Fields -Fusion Dance Competition,

Fort Myers, FL



Dayna Fleming, Dupree Dance

Turn it Up

Connect with Us

Cecilia Elbrecht, Dupree Dance

Drops of Jupiter, Studio 180, Turn it Up Dance

Vienna, Studio 180, Turn it Up Dance

Mackenzie White, Turn it Up Dance 

Via Dolorosa, Dance Artistry

Turn it Up

Connection Turn it Up

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Chelsea Hitchcock, Turn it Up Dance

Keep on Dancing, Ballet And All   

HEART OF GOLD Winner Emily Winkelbauer, Fusion Dance, Tampa, FL



Hayley Crawford  Isabel Torok   Jacqeline Vazquez Piles

 Heaven is a Place on Earth, The Dance

 Heart of Gold Award Recipients 2017 Video Submissions

Academy, Turn it Up

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Caroline Mcaleavey, Turn it Up Dance


Janessa Gomese, Turn it Up Dance