Hannah Montminy, Turn it up 

 Jillian Migliaccio, Turn it up

Sydney Sala, Turn it up

Emma Morris, Turn it up

Erin Nohl, Turn it up

Ashley Baker, Turn it Up 

Jessica Nonnemacher, Turn it up

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Amaya Agboka, Dupree Dance

Katrina Catabian, Dupree

Abriella Ruby,, Turn it up

Juliette Wing,, Turn it up

Liza Collins Schrader, Turn it Up

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Ava Nowacki, Dupree

Anna Chapman, Turn it Up

Megan Goodridge, Turn  it up

Congratulations to our

Heart of Gold Medal

2017 Recipients

Mattison Tatulli, Turn it up

Kara Burt, Dupree Dance

Ashlyn Gannon, Turn it up


Brianna Ryan, Turn it up

Emily Barnett, Turn it up

Emily Hebert, Dupree Dance

Abby Rae Potts, Fusion

Aryana Decowski, Turn  it up

​​​​​​Alicia Nascemben, Turn it up

Victoria Gonzales, Dupree

Olivia Ciccarelli, Turn it Up

Abigail Sklenarik, Turn it up

Kadyn Belanger, Turn  it up

Lily Sears,, Turn it up

Amber Sanchez, Turn it up

Kaydence Foster, Turn it Up

Lauren Lesnew, Turn it Up

Jacequeline Piles, Fusion

Pip Gamble, Turn it Up 

Caroline Hampton, Turn it up

2017 Award Recipients

Hannah Lieberoff, Dupree

Ellizabeth McDermott,, Turn it up

Olivia Hadley

Briana Fitzpatrick, Turn it Up

Emilie Graham, Turn it up 

Lexie Lockwood, Turn it Up

Patience Wigginton, Edge  Dance

Angie Sandelli, Turn it up

HEART OF GOLD Winner Emily Winkelbauer, Fusion Dance, Tampa, FL



Noelle Liesau,, Turn it up

Madison Brewer, Turn it Up

Abigall Fulton, Dupree Dance

Caroline Mcaleavey, Turn it Up

Mackenzie White, Turn it Up 

Khandice Anselm, Turn it up

HEART OF GOLD Winners with Ambassador

Grace Fields -Fusion Dance Competition,

Fort Myers, FL



Rachel Stahl, Turn it Up

Sarah Boucher,Turn it Up

Lydia Foley-Kretsch, Turn it Up

Bella Mills, Turn it Up

Abigail Fortier, Turn it Up 

Kayla Guindi, Turn it Up

Brooke Lashlee, Turn it Up

Eva Burg, Dupree Dance

Amelia  Keating, Turn it up

Olivia Bouis, Dupree Dance

          Participating Competitions 2017

Eva Wall, Turn  it up​

Marissa Costa, Turn it Up 

Janessa Gomese, Turn it Up 

 Heart of Gold Award Recipients 2017 Video Submissions

Isabel Torok, Fusion Dance

Olivia Caracciolo, Turn it Up

Grace Wythe, Turn it Up 

Micah Hunter, Turn it Up​

Molly Griffin, Turn it up

Aubree Mahan, Turn it Up

Cecilia Elbrecht, Dupree Dance

Amelia Atkins,Turn it Up

Nick Alvino, Turn it up

Coralyn Jones, Dupree

Hayley Crawford  Isabel Torok   Jacqeline Vazquez Piles

  Jenna Liu, Turn  it up

Gabrielle Fermin, Dupree Dance

Gracie Steele, Turn it Up

Emelia Singleton,, Turn it up

McKenzie Johnson, Turn it Up

Torre Romano,, Turn it up

Kiara Zeledon, Turn it up

Emilee Koch, Turn it up

Alexia Penberthy, Power of Dance

Dayna Fleming, Dupree Dance

Michelle Freer, Turn  it up

Lucy Barnes, Turn it up

Nia Montgomery, Dupree Dance

Terin Kuttamperoor, Turn  it up

HEART OF GOLD Winners with Ambassador

Molly Barcalow - Edge Dance Competition, Woodbridge, VA



Emily Winkelbauer, Fusion Dance

Corrine Forcina, Turn  it up

Isabella Apgar, Turn  it up

Erin Thierney, Turn it Up

Hailey Hornby, Turn it up

Brianna Creque,, Turn it up

Summer Salos,Turn it Up

Lydia Foley, Edge  Dance

Lucy Carlos, Turn it Up 

Rayna Podolak,, Turn it Up

Ryleigh Hughes, Turn it Up

Owen Myre, Turn it up

Sarah Mchugh,Turn it Up

Claire Chidsey, Turn  it up

Kylie Voss, Dupree Dance

Savanna Kelly, Turn it up

Sydney Cizik, Turn it Up

Jocelyn Mastro, Turn it up

Alexis Dunn, Turn  it up

Brooklynn Davis, Fusion Dance

Sydney Gier, Turn it Up

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Grace Ferris, Turn it Up

Abigail Klein, Turn it Up

Alissa Bundy, Turn it Up

Mikki Leskowsky, Turn  it up

Maggie Baker, Turn it up

Sophia Dean,, Turn it up

Karen Massey, Turn it Up 

Lyla Esposito, Turn it up

Alexa Agesen, Turn it up

Jaylyn D'Angelo, Turn it up

Nicole Buttrick, Turn it up

Alexis Spiteri, Turn it Up

Lily Milone,, Turn it up

Isidora Villagra, Turn it up

Chelsea Hitchcock, Turn it U

Grace Gallant, Turn it Up

Gabriella Rivera, Turn it up